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The Talking Wardrobe is moving- but don’t worry I’m still blogging!


So this is my last post on, after a long while debating I am finally making the move to a self hosted site. I’m doing the move myself so I just hope I don’t loose everything! I’m planning a whole new look for the blog so that will be pretty exciting too. I’ve had a great year and half blogging with, and it will be quite sad to leave the community, I have had a pretty good time blogging with you guys.

I’m keeping the same domain name so you can still find me at However, I’ll be using blog lovin as my main platform for followers so it would be great if you could re-follow me on blog lovin if you’re not already. Here’s the link:

Thanks for all of your support and I hope you keep reading the blog :)


Natalie x

This week I’m listening to: Haim- Throwing it all away

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve had university interviews, college deadlines, trip to Lisbon and now I’m just starting my college FMP (final major project). I’m pretty excited about my new project I’ve decided to set up own brand creating and silk scarfs so you’ll probably hear lots about in the next few weeks.. I’m going to try and set up an online portfolio with a link to the project process so you can follow that and give me some feedback and stuff if you like as that would be really helpful  I’m also thinking of making some changes to the blog, predominately moving over to  and doing some changes to the look and layout. However, that won’t be for a while yet as it’s terribly time consuming as I’m going to attempt to do it all myself, so wish me luck with that!

Anyway this week I’m listening to “Throwing It All Away By Haim. I’ve been a fan of Haim since hearing “Don’t save me”  and just love their style too  so I thought I’d share with you my personal favourite Haim track this week.



Image Source:

This week I’m listening to: Mutual Benefit- Advanced Falconry

This week I’m listening to “Advanced Falconry” by Mutual Benefit. I heard this song for the first time on the radio last week and instantly fell in love. It’s the perfect track for listening to with a cup of tea when you’ve got the house to your self and it’s raining outside. The video works really well with the track-  slightly humorous but sad all at the same time and quite nostalgic. I hadn’t heard of Mutual Benefit until I heard this track but it was just so good that I had to have a little listen to their other stuff. Advanced Falconry is off of their album “loves crushing diamond” which is with out a doubt worth a listen. I’m off on a college trip to Lisbon early tomorrow morning (so I won’t be posting next week) and the whole “loves crushing diamond” album will definitely be on my trip playlist.

Enjoy :)

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 23.53.40


London Fashion Week Roundup

I’ve finally put together a round up of my favourite shows and my favourite looks from London Fashion AW14 for you: including Simone Rocha, Temperley, Mary Katrantzou, Topshop Unique and Burberry.


Burberry Prorsum:

I have to say yet again Christopher Bailey stole the show with his collection. I don’t think a collection could get anymore feminine, with sheers, silk and gorgeous hand painted prints inspired by the Bloomsbury writers and artists. Bailey kept the collection true to british heritage and used traditional techniques, with every bag being hand painted. I’ve always been a sucker for a good silk scarf and it was the scarf’s that really made the collection for me. I wasn’t so keen on the personalised Burberry blankets worn at the end of the show that everyone’s talking about. I just feel that they made such a gorgeous collection a little bit novelty. As always the soundtrack to the show was performed live, this time by Paloma Faith, Ed Harcourt and Rhodes, if you haven’t already seen it. Without a doubt this was my favourite show of the season.


Topshop Unique:

If I’m honest I’m usually a bit sceptical about high street brands showing at LFW, and sometimes it can seem like they rely heavily on their star studded front row. However, this was definitely not the case with the Topshop Unique show, the clothes spoke for themselves, with possibly the best coat collection from all the shows. The pieces were super wearable as always with Topshop. One thing admire about the brand is that they really do go the extra mile with their shows making them a spectacle. Holding the show in the Tate Modern, Topshop opened up the space, inviting members of the public to watch from above the higher levels of the gallery which was a great touch.


Simone Rocha:

Using Elizabethan silhouettes as inspiration, embellished necklines and hip accentuating skirts, Rocha’s collection was super feminine. For me, part of the main success of the collection was Rocha’s choice of materials including: PVC and yellow high shine coated python skin, adding a tough edge to the collection. The hair and makeup stopped everything  from looking too period inspired- creating an almost undone and unrefined look. I loved the gold brogues and her use of nudes, red and pink tones.

simone rocha


Shorter lengths and layers are not two words that that you would usually associate with Temperlery so in some respects this collection was quite surprising- but nether the less very wearable. The collection was littered with pops of colour in blue and orange and there were some great prints throughout. My favourite pieces included a floral print quilted jacket. I also liked that the floral, folk inspired prints, gave the collection more of a casual feel.


Mary Katrantzou:

Another designer who broke out of their usual aesthetic and showed us something slightly different this season was Mary Katrantzou. Surprisingly there was not a digital print in sight. Instead the collection focused on traditional techniques including crochet and hand embellishment. Katrantzou was clearly inspired by symbols which reminded me of the little iron on badges you had when you were younger- the sort thing that you would see on a scout uniform. I especially loved the sweatshirts with these hand embroidered motifs on.


Image Source:

Covering LFW as a blogger

Although LFW is now over, and we move into the first few days of Milan Fashion Week I still find myself catching up on shows, editing photos and writing up posts. I’ve found that being a fairly new blogger, when it comes to writing about fashion week it can be really overwhelming. From the outside it may seem like attending shows and hanging out in courtyard is the best place to be, and in some respects it is but on the other hand I feel like it’s almost impossible to cover the shows well whilst you’re caught up in the madness of it all. This season I can safely say that I fell victim to getting trapped in the fashion week bubble.

As your average blogger getting invited to on- schedule shows such as Burberry and Peter Pilotto was just not going to happen, or at least not this season anyway! So I like to go to the off schedule shows and some of the on schedule shows from newer designers. There’s no doubting the fact that I love going to these shows, as regular readers will know how much I respect the talent of new designers. The only issue with attending the off schedule shows is that I find myself focusing on them so much that I don’t get a chance to watch the main on schedule shows until the week after. Only tonight did I actually have a spare moment to watch the Burberry show (which I will be posting about, as the whole thing was just stunning). However, I feel like I should have posted about the show a lot sooner. There were other shows that just completely passed me by too, I was so keen to watch the CSM graduate show and the Ederm show on the BFC live stream but just didn’t have time. However, I am working on it so next week the blog should be filled with LFW posts.

Sorry If this post is a little bit rambly, I just thought I needed an explanation for my tardiness with the LFW posts.

lfw bubble

LFW AW14 Off- Schedule Talent

Whilst most LFW coverage focuses on all of the on schedule shows, if you wonder outside of Somerset House there’s plenty of talented, young designers showing their collections around the Covent Garden area. It’s definitely worth having a look at some of the off schedule shows as there are some real gems to be found.

One of these gems was the Ong- Oaj Pairam collection. The collection took inspiration from 1950′s silhouettes and the Disney classic The Little Mermaid, which made for an interesting combination. On paper it shouldn’t work but in reality it did.  The collection featured nipped in waists and flowing skirts styled with the classic beehive. It was an interesting contrast between 1950′s tailoring and the bright pops of colour. I also loved the animal inspired prints that were used throughout. I have to say for me the standout piece in the collection was an amazing bright yellow pea coat. This canary shade of yellow is one of my favourite colours at moment. I also saw quite a few people around the courtyard wearing this colour so a potential AW14 trend maybe?

As well as Ong- Oaj Pairam another note worthy show was Pam Hogg . I’ve had tickets for Pam Hogg for a couple of seasons but have never been able to make any of her shows. However, I’m glad I went along to this one. The collection was turned around in just three weeks, after a last minuet decision to show the collection as dedication to Pussy Riot. Hogg joined forces with Amnesty International to campaign about the poor rights conditions of those living in Russia. I’ve previously blogged about 2014 being a year in which the fashion industry shows more integrity and the Pam Hogg show certainly did.  With guests including Rankin, and a diverse range of model’s in which men dressed in drag style outfits stormed down the catwalk, the show was a real talking point.

N.B sorry for the lack of my own photography, for both shows I was isn’t in the best position for taking photos. 
Image Source for Pam Hogg photo’s:
Image 1: Photography by Corrine Noel
Other images: Photography by Eva Pentel

London Fashion Week Essentials

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to London  Fashion Week this year to cover some shows.  Although I’ve been a couple of time before  I still feel that I’m never fully prepared for the madness. In the past I’ve always felt as though I’ve brought far too much with me and arrive thinking I should have planned my outfit better so I’ve put together this little guide of items and essentials to see you through to end of LFW.

1) Umbrella- “And Other Stories” 2) Tote Bag- Sophie Hulme 3) Necklace- Kirtsy Ward 4) Notebook- Urban Outfitters  5) Coat- H&M 6) Beanie Hat- Keely Hunter

My LFW Checklist:

1) Invites- It sounds silly but the first thing you really need is invites. Of course you can turn up to the courtyard at Somerset House without any and still have a great time getting some good street style photos. However, if you’re going to be there a long time you are going to get cold and I also feel that you do miss out. In order to get tickets I would suggest getting your requests in early and try the off schedule shows, you can find some real gems of undiscovered talent.

2) Umbrella- A complete essential! Yesterday and on Friday it rained terribly.  And other stories have some great umbrella’s that look good and will keep you dry.

3) A statement necklace –  As the weather’s been so cold I’ve been layering up with jumpers so I’ve been wearing statement necklace’s to brighten up my outfits.  Kirsty Ward designs some great statement necklaces but If you don’t have the budget like me then Topshop have some good alternatives too.

4) A good sized bag- I like taking a bag that I can fit my camera, phone (and importantly charger as I’m always taking photos on my phone) and invites in ect..  I think a Sophie Hulme Tote bag is just perfect for fitting everything in.

5)  A good coat- Again a good coat is such an essential, yesterday I did some street style spotting and noticed that yellow coats were quite poplar. Both the Ong Oaj show and the Topshop Unique show today featured splashes of yellow too so a yellow coat should see you through to next Winter too. I managed to find a great yellow coat on the H&M website today, which I think I may have to order!

6) A nice notebook- Although I mainly take photos as a reminder of the collections I also like to take notes.  Urban Outfitters have some great notebooks including the one above. I love the pastel blue colour and think it would be a great accessory to go with the yellow H&M coat.

7) Business cards- I would suggest to any bloggers or any young people looking to  start out in the industry like me to get some business cards printed up to hand out to people.  Design some yourself and get them printed up to make them look professional. Vista print is a really good place to go I think you get your first set free too.

8) A hat- It really is cold this time of year so I would definitely recommend wrapping up, on Friday I wore a thermal vest under my outfit just to keep warm. I think a Keely Hunter beanie hat is a great way to keep warm at LFW.

DIORALOP spring/summer 14 lookbook preview

DIORALOP is the brand behind Croatian designers  Andreja Bistričić & Maja Merlić. Cutting edge and strong, their Spring /Summer 14 collection caught my eye yesterday. I love their use of layering architectural shapes with sheer fabrics, adding a certain femininity to a collection that is very much androgynous. Always a fan of print, I love the use of digital print in deep purples and green, almost jewel like colours. Along with the collection I think I’m a little bit in love with their campaign too.  Shot by  Sanja Bistricic, it’s playful and strong. I love the sense of movement within the photos too, it just reflects the collection perfectly. 

lookbook d






This week I’m listening to: Rolling Stones- Too Much Love (Debonair’s Too Much Dub)

This week’s track is something that I very much just stumbled across, It’s a remix of the Rolling Stones  “Too Much Blood” which is one of their lesser known tracks from 1983. The track has been remixed by Conor Bevan who goes by the name of Debonair. The track remains close the original but Debonair’s remix definitely makes more of an impact. Enjoy :)

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 22.25.08


Peter Pilotto- Vogue Designer fashion fund award winner

So you’ve probably heard by now that Peter Pilotto is this years winner of theBritish Fashion Council’s Vogue designer fashion fund award. The design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos  masterminded the brand after meeting at the Royal Academy of fine arts Anterwep where they studied. There’s no doubt that they faced some tough competition for the award with designers including Mary Katrantzou and House of Holland also shortlisted. In all honesty I think it must have been very close between Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou, both designers have mastered the art of the punchy, figure enhancing print. It’s all about very wearable yet stand out pieces.

I’ve been following Peter Pilotto ever since I heard about them winning Newgen sponsorship back in 2010 and feel that you can really see how the duo have developed. Their spring/summer 14 collection is really very strong. I like the incorporation of more collared pieces for this season as I’m a big fan of collars-. I think that’s one of the main reasons I’m really drawn to Carven- It’s all about the collar. I don’t know about you but I really like the idea of taking a feminine silhouette and print and contrasting that with the masculine feel of a collar. As well as the collars I’m also loving the boxy  jackets and structured pieces in the collection, as always it’s very architectural.

If there’s one thing that makes Peter Pilotto stand out it’s their use of digital print, with the announcement of the brand winning the award and a lot of designers showcasing bold prints back in September the digital, art inspired print will be one of the emerging trends for this summer. Excitingly Peter Pilotto have teamed up with Target to create an absolutely gorgeous collection that’s fairly affordable,  if like me you can’t afford to shop from their mainline collection. The collection will be available from Target or Net- a- porter for customers international customers and customers in the UK. Here are a few of my favourites from the Peter Pilotto Spring Summer 14 collection and short video promo video for their Target collection.

Image Source:


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